Current ICOM IDAS (NXDN) Capable Radios


Please note: When you buy a radio from someone, be sure that the radio has the IDAS (NXDN) option card installed. A seller that says that the radio is IDAS (NXDN) capable may be insinuating that you will have to buy the additional card. The card is UT126H”.

If the model of the radio ends with a “D”, it should have the board installed. Even if the radio model number does end with a “D”, check with the seller to insure that the board has not been removed.

If you are buying a UHF radio, ensure that it covers the Ham band, Some models only cover 450MHz to 490MHz.

Current ICOM digital capable radios, as of March, 2015.

First column is VHF, second UHF.


IC-F1000D & F2000D

IC-F3101D & F4101D

IC-F3210D & F4210D

IC-F3230D & F4230D

IC-F3161D & F4161D

IC-F3261D & F4261D


IC-F5121D & F6121D

IC-F5220D & F6220D

IC-F5061D & F6061D


IC-FR5000 & FR6000