A map of current NXDN repeaters.



From the Site Owner:

"The beauty of the Zee Map, anyone can add their own pin, and save the edit link it gives that person so they can come back and change the info. Me as the map owner can edit all pins to help keep it clean and consistant.
When you go to the map, hover the mouse over Additions, then click on either Add Marker - Simple, or - Detailed. Enter the Lat/ Long or select the Click Map option. Look at the other pins and how they are formatted please to keep them consistant." Steve Hamilton



RepeaterBook: A site that gleams information from other sites and local users.



Unless otherwise noted, assume RAN=1 on any NXDN repeater.


These databases are only as good as YOU make them. If you see an error or omission, please notify the site administrators and give them all the information that they need to make the corrections.

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