600 Ohm Line Adaptor

600 Ohm Line Adaptor would be used with F5061/FR6000 series radios where analogue signals need to be fed from one piece of equipment to the next. The balancing eliminates ground noise and unwanted signals which can be induced into cables.

Adapter Specification

Signal Impedance Level Pinout
Input* 600 Ohm 0 dBm

Pin8-Pin13 Balanced Input

Pin12          Balanced Ground

Output 600 Ohm 0 dBm Pin9-Pin1 Balanced Output
PTT Active-Low Pin19 (Pin7,14   Ground)
Busy Active-Low Pin17
Relay Programmable Pin15 (FR6000 series)


* F5061 series require soldering of coffee bean (Bridge Pad) "D".

   Coffee bean (Bridge Pad) "K" should be shunted by default.