FR5000 Channel Steering Port Assignments


The FR5000 uses BCD (Binary-Coded Decimal) for changing channels on the 25-pin connector.

In the Port Setting window, assign MCH Select 1-5 on any five pins (ports) available and set them Low (or High, depending on the output of the tone remote adapter). MCH Select does not mean channel number on the repeater, it refers to BCD numbers (please look at the table that follows).

Note: Assigning any pins as MCH Select XX immediately disables any channel changing using the Channel Up/Down Buttons.


Go to "LMR > External I/O > Port Setting"

Port                    In/Out                Function                  Active Logic

Ex. I/O 15           Input               MCH Select: 1           Low

Ex. I/O 16           Input               MCH Select: 2           Low

Ex. I/O 17           Input               MCH Select: 3           Low

Ex. I/O 18           Input               MCH Select: 4           Low

Ex. I/O 19           Input               MCH Select: 5           Low


Port                             BDC

MCH Select: 1             +1

MCH Select: 2             +2

MCH Select: 3             +4

MCH Select: 4             +8

MCH Select: 5             +16

By using a combination of the BCD values, the Ex CH No can be selected, thus causing the radio to change to the channel that is referenced by that Ex Ch No. The  Ext CH No column is the sum of the MCH Select inputs from the tone remote adapter. The Move CH is the channel you want to switch to in response to the selection of the Ext CH No.

Go to "LMR > External I/O > CH Switch Table"

Ext CH No              Move CH (Move to channel #)

0                             Null

1                             CH-1

2                             CH-2

3                             CH-7

4                             CH-4

5                             CH-5

6                             CH-11

7                             CH-7

8                             CH-8


Example 1:

The examples assume the port channels (MCH Select) are set to be active Low and the dealer-selected remote device (BCD setting) is set to “Normally High (inactive state)”.

With MCH Select 1, 2, 3, 4, set to Low (Port Setting Window), the tone remote adapter sends a Low signal to MCH Select pins (assigned on the DB-25) 1 and 3. This is equivalent to a BCD of 1 + 4, which equals 5. In the CH Switch Table shown above, Ext CH No 5 diverts the radio to Channel 5.

Example 2:

If a tone remote adapter sends a Low signal to MCH Select 1, 2, and 3, this is equivalent to a BCD of 1 + 2 + 4, which equals 7. In the table above, Ext CH No 3 diverts the radio to Channel 7.

Note: the “move” Channels can be changed in programming as needed.